Pathways to OA Forum Seeks Transformations in Open Access

If today, libraries recommitted a sizable portion of their collections budgets to supporting open access, what impact would it have? What new licensing and other strategies can hasten the progress of open access publishing?

These questions guided the recent Choosing Pathways to Open Access (#CP2OA18) forum at the University of California Berkeley, October 16-17. Guided by design thinking methods, and a distinguished international group of facilitators, participants delved deeply into the issues before moving to personalized plans for local and collective action.

A range of transformative approaches were explored, including offsetting and “read and publish” agreements, innovations from the Center for Open Science (COS) and Collaborative Knowledge Foundation, the emerging Plan S, and more.

But true to the pathways theme, no one model was promoted. Instead, UC’s Council of University Librarians sought to leverage the approaches in its Pathways to OA toolkit — to help librarians, publishers, researchers, universities and others identify their own next best steps forward.

Participants left the forum energized. CP2OA will surely be remembered as a signature event in the North American OA dialogue this past year.

For a summary of the event and key themes see: