The Scholarly Communications Working Group (SCWG) is charged with conducting research into open access and scholarly communications, and making recommendations to the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL) Directors for supporting activities in these areas.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for the SCWG were approved in September 2012 by the COPPUL Board of Directors and last revised in May 2017. The SCWG consists of seven members with the following composition:

  • COPPUL Director’s Representative
  • Six members with scholarly communications responsibilities that reflect the diversity of COPPUL member institutions

Current members

  • Robyn Hall, MacEwan University (AB, Chair, 2017/05 – 2021/06 )
  • Elaine Fabbro, Athabasca University (AB, Director representative, 2020/06)
  • Sonya Betz, University of Alberta (AB, 2017/09-2021/06)
  • Leonora Crema, University of British Columbia (BC, 2018/07-2020/06)
  • Devina Dandar, Royal Roads University (BC, 2017/09-2021/06)
  • Carmen Kazakoff – Lane, Brandon University (MB 2016/10 – 2020/06)
  • Kate Langrell, University of Saskatchewan (SK 2019/06-2021/06)
  • Christina Winter, University of Regina (SK 2019/06-2021/06)

Past members

  • DeDe Dawson, University of Saskatchewan (SK)
  • Patty Gallilee, Simon Fraser University (BC, 2015/01 – 2019/06)
  • Kathy Gaynor, Thompson Rivers University (BC)
  • Mayu Ishida, University of Manitoba (MB)
  • Michael Horner, University of Winnipeg (MB)
  • Inba Kehoe, University of Victoria (BC)
  • Joy Kirchner, University of British Columbia (BC)
  • Carol Shepstone, Mount Royal University (AB, Director)
  • Marinus Swanepoel, University of Lethbridge (AB)
  • Rob Tiessen, University of Calgary
  • John Tooth, University of Winnipeg (MB)
  • Leah Vanderjagt, University of Alberta (AB)
  • Amanda Wakaruk, University of Alberta (AB)
  • Andrew Waller, University of Calgary (AB)